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Making an impact around the clock: A day in the life of a 24h Tremblant participant

It’s a cause that works around the clock – The Fondation 24h Tremblant is an annual charitable event in Québec that supports organizations dedicated to helping children living with physical or mental impairments live fulfilling lives.

Each year, teams of 6-12 participants come together to collect donations as they take on the challenge of skiing, running or walking throughout a period of 24 hours, all with the end goal of giving back.

Together this year, over 140 Rogers team members participated in 24h Tremblant, both in-person and virtually, ultimately raising over $116,000 collectively for this year’s benefactors, The Fondation Charles-Bruneau, CHEO Foundation and Fondation Tremblant.

We followed along as three of our team members documented their hour-by-hour experience.

Take a look at Stéphane, Gabriella, and Marie’s journey.

Stéphane Dulong

Stéphane is Director Care Vendor Strategy, Governance and Controls at Fido.

As a long-time 24h Tremblant participant and 21-year Rogers team member, Stéphane Dulong looks forward to this event every December.

“It’s my third year as a captain, and there’s no doubt that 24h Tremblant really energizes my December, especially leading into the Holidays. It’s so important to give back and contribute meaningfully to the health of our children.”

For Stéphane, 24h Tremblant is all about celebrating family – celebrating our Rogers family, the families of children in need and his own close family and friends.

“The generosity from our team members at Rogers and the determination of all the participants makes us come together as one. I have so much pride for our region.”

Saturday, December 11th

9:30am: I woke up to pretty bad weather, lots of wind and rain. I took a moment to reflect on all of the children in need that we’ve helped through this initiative – this day was for them. Although the weather was not cooperating, I began my work as captain and hopped on our Teams call to motivate my team!

Noon: And we’re off! I completed the first 5km with my 17-year-old daughter, it was a magical moment. I was feeling in great shape.

4pm: My daughter continued the second half of the run with me, another 5km. It was a wonderful father/daughter moment. The sun began to set and the rain stopped, so we were very happy.

5:30pm: I ate a hearty dinner to refuel some energy and took a little break. I took this time to watch my goddaughters dance recital. On my way out, I noticed some soreness in my legs and realized this next leg of the run will be a challenge.

9:30 pm: My friend Bruno joined me for the 3rd half of the run, 10 km. The wind was intense and we had to jump over fallen tree branches and garbage that had been thrown around – it felt almost apocalyptic. I could hear my legs screaming at me at the end of 10km but I made it! I took a shower, hydrated and fell asleep around 1am, hoping to sleep a little before I start again in a few hours.


3am: It was a difficult wake up call, but I needed to persevere. The wind was still strong outside, so I decided to complete 7km on the treadmill. It was certainly long and exhausting, but I finished! I washed off in the shower and took another nap around 4:45am.

8am: My alarm clock woke me up at 7:40am, everyone was still asleep, but the sun was out and the wind was still strong. I left the house for a 5km run. I was sore but not as sore as I expected. I was feeling so proud of myself. When I returned home, I took another shower and ate some breakfast.

11:30am: My two daughters and my wife joined me for the last 5km of the run. If there was one word to describe 24h Tremblant, it’s “family”. Collecting donations for children in need and their families. It all comes down to family.

Gabriella Di Clemente

Gabriella Di Clemente is a Vendor Senior Manager at Fido

Gabriella first heard of 24H Tremblant last year, through Stéphane Dulong, her team captain. For her, this event is an opportunity to make a real difference in the long run.

“Being able to participate in this initiative as a team and raising money for such an incredible cause is indescribable. Everyone has been extremely supportive and hyping each other up,” she says.

She tells us about her team’s sponsored child, Enzo, who at 6 years old, is now in remission from acute lymphoblastic leukemia. For several years, Enzo spent his time at the hospital in treatment while his parents alternated visits to fight alongside him. It’s organizations like the CHEO Foundation that supported their family through those difficult times.  

“I cannot imagine what these children and families have gone through and continue to go through. Reading about Enzo and everything he went through just further motivated us to participate,” Gabriella shares.

Saturday, December 11th:

10am: Didn’t get much sleep last night but woke up super excited to be able to participate in this initiative!

12pm: My first walk for 1 hour – the roads were icy and slushy, but I was determined to walk for Enzo, our sponsor, and any child who needed us.

1pm: Just finished my first walk, and I am feeling great. I got so many beautiful words of encouragement from my colleagues and friends on social media. And even a few more donations!

8pm: Getting ready for my next walk, it is extremely windy outside but again I will not let that stop me.

9pm: Just finished my second challenge and it was a tough one. The wind gusts were going up to 100 km/h and had to brace myself a few times, but I did it! Feeling proud of myself!

Sunday, December 12th:

7am: Woke up feeling amazing and excited for my final walk this morning. The best part is being able to walk as the sun is rising. What a great way to start my day.

8am: Finished my last challenge. It was tough this morning, my legs and feet were not doing great, but I pushed through it and walked 5km. I am so happy to have participated in another year of 24h Tremblant! I feel accomplished and so proud of our team.

Marie-Josee Goulet

Marie-Josee is Director of Operation Processes for Rogers for Business

Marie-Josee first heard of 24H Tremblant in 2019 and has participated every year since. This time around, she’s representing her team as captain.

“I motivated the team during their fund-raising efforts and built the schedule for the 24hrs with everyone’s preference in mind. We were 13 participants on my team and together, we raised $16 800.”

For Marie, this event is especially close to her heart as her brother, Michel, was diagnosed with spida bifida at birth. Despite the challenges, it’s thanks to research, new technologies and charitable causes like 24h Tremblant that he can live an incredible life.

“I hope that one day all children will be able to live a healthy life. Funds raised by 24h Tremblant are helping by finding new remedies to help them overcome their challenges,” she shares.

Saturday, December 11th

7:00 am: Our 24hrs begins at noon but I decided to wake up early! I was a bit nervous because the forecast was predicting lots of ice rain for the day, so I wondered what the conditions would be like during my first hour.

Noon: The event officially kicked off! I sent a message encouraging my team and the first member to start. I couldn’t wait until it was my turn. The rain stopped and it looked like the weather was turning out to be nice.

2:55pm: I put on my Rogers jacket on and got ready to start my hour walk with my friend Celine. The weather was really nice and mild! I was feeling proud to have the chance to participate in this amazing event. I completed around 5km in one hour.

Sunday, December 12th

3:45 am: My alarm went off at 3:30am and I got ready for my 4am round! It was really windy outside and I didn’t sleep much, but I remembered why I was doing this and the kids who have no choice but to fight through treatments, and that kept me going.

5:08am: I got back from my walk and the roads were very icy in some areas, we had to be extra careful, but we did it! It was much colder and very, very windy so I went back to bed for a few hours before my final round at 11am! 

10:55am: It was time for one last round before the end! I was tired and didn’t sleep very much but I was super proud of myself and my team for everything we’ve accomplished.

Noon: We did it! We gathered on a Teams call for the last 30 minutes with a few members of my team and celebrated our final 5km! See you next year, 24h Tremblant!