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National Volunteer Week – Gregory Elie’s passion for giving back to our future generation

For the past 29 years, Rogers for Business Delivery Manager Gregory Elie has made an immeasurable impact as a passionate advocate for youth and the vulnerable in his community. The Montreal-based father of four has limitless energy to give back to those who need it most and his generosity has not only had a positive influence on the direct recipients of his efforts, but also touched the lives of those around him.  

As one of his colleagues’ recounts: “Gregory has truly inspired me to become more involved in the community, reach out to those who are not as privileged as ourselves, and share our talents with those around us to make a positive change in our community and our world. I am merely one of the many lives that he has influenced throughout his daily life.”

Gregory sat down with us to share a closer look at the organizations he supports and the legacy he hopes to leave for his family and his community.

Tell us a little bit about the organizations you support. We’d love to hear more about them!

I started my volunteering journey in 1991 and have participated in several programs and events such as Sun Youth Montreal, Big Brother Montreal, the Red Cross, Santropol Roulant, just to name a few. For the last nine years, I have been supporting mainly Ali et les Princes(esses) de la rue, where I volunteer every Friday at this resource centre for youth from diverse backgrounds. This centre offers a stimulating environment where young people to be able to meet adults who will offer them both social and educational support.

I am a father of four, as well as a grandfather, and want to help as many kids as possible! As a parent, I am very sensitive to children’s needs. I also live with and tend to my father who is elderly, and this motivates me to help other elderly people by doing food deliveries to the senior community and for folks who have physical and mental illness.

Physical fitness is something that’s near and dear to my heart, and before COVID-19, I combined my love for giving back with fitness by teaching boxing for free at home to kids and adults who want support in getting in shape to help with their self-confidence.

What inspires you to volunteer and give back to your community?

To me, the essence of life is how you can positively influence and help your community. Giving back by giving my time, donating and raising funds is my passion. I hope to one day start a foundation, and that will be my legacy to my kids. Any chance that I have, I make sure to bring them with me during my volunteer activities.

Do you have any words of encouragement you’d like to share with others who are looking to become more involved with their community?

There are fewer things in life that is as rewarding than seeing someone grow and smile because of the time you spent with him/her. It is so impactful knowing that for that moment, you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.