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On Episode 5 of Canada’s Got Talent: it’s Lilly Singh’s turn to hit the Golden Buzzer


On the latest episode of Canada’s Got Talent on Citytv, host Lindsay Ell is demonstrating a new work skill – roadie. Ell came to the aid of singer-guitarist and initial auditioner Mattia Pironti who was having technical difficulties. She worked some wiring magic and Pironti was able to perform. Unfortunately, his issues were not all technical. 

“Everybody has two minutes to change their lives,” declared judge Howie Mandel after joining the others in X-ing the act. “There was no oomph to it.”

What Howie was looking for came next with Jack Thomas. The singer-musician from Burnaby, BC, earned a standing ovation from the Fallsview Casino crowd after playing guitar and rockin’ “All the Small Things” on the drums despite the loss of a limb. Thomas explained that he suffered an on-the-job accident at 17 which cost him his right arm. Mandel called Thomas’ mom back home in Burnaby to let her hear that all four judges gave Jack a resounding yes.

A series of dance troupes followed. First up was L.I.V.E. from Winnipeg, MB. They were just barely alive, concluded Howie. Next came Xtreme Soul Style from Vancouver. Lilly Singh liked this dance act’s style so much she went on stage and asked for their autographs. Four yeses from the judges. Another Vancouver act, A3 Ryderz, filled the stage with many members and tons of energy. Again, four big yeses.

After all that dancing, it was time for some funny business. Curran Dobbs, a bearded chap from Victoria, BC, braved the OLG Stage. He told Mandel that he’d been doing comedy for “ten years, 10 months, two weeks and two days.”

“Good evening, ladies,” he deadpanned. “I’m on the autistic spectrum, so if I seem rude or weird or if I’m not making eye contact, I just want you to know its because you’re… not worth the effort.” This drew big laughs from the judges. “I’m brilliant,” he added, “I just take my time getting there… ladies.” Lilly clapped so hard she broke her ring. “You rocked and killed it,” enthused Kardinal Offishall. Howie felt that everything Dobbs did during his set “worked perfectly.” It was four big yeses from the judges.

The next act galloped on stage from Southampton, ON. Jason and Bronwyn Irwin set up a ring and featured their trained horses act. The animals knelt, rolled over and did everything but play dead. It was four yeses for the eight-legged entry. “We were doing a huge talent show and now we’re doing a petting zoo,” quipped Howie.

Did somebody say pole dancing? Tara Meyer, from Winnipeg, combined ballet and pole. Among the first to salute was Kardinal. “I’ve been a pole dancing advocate for many years,” he said, “and it would be a shame for me to stop with that today.” It was four yeses from the judges.

JP Parent from Montreal presented a very accomplished magic act next. He had been performing aboard cruise ships for many years, he told the judges, and was anxious to establish himself “on land.” Parent wheeled out a big black chair and – voila! – made two women appear. Kardinal walked away in disbelief. “When the magicians are that good that is when it freaks me the hell out,” he explained. That did not stop Kardi from joining the others in delivering four yeses.

Next up was a mother and daughter circus act. Olga & Violet: Mommy & Me hail from Toronto. They both wore cute and colourful circus costumes. Mom kept tossing and catching her young, bendable daughter. “That was a Mother’s Day circus show,” said Howie. Four yeses.

More two-person dance acts followed. DJC was a dance act from Vancouver. “They’re adorable,” declared Howie and it was another four yeses. They were followed by Julia & Moses, who danced over from Toronto. Lilly, for one, didn’t buy that they were just best friends after their romantic ballet routine. They won the judges hearts as well as four yeses.

Things took a political turn next as Val & Ganna, married dancers from Toronto, waltzed onto the stage. She is from Ukraine, and he is from Russia. “Today we will dance for Ukraine,” the husband declared. They danced beautifully together, starting out with ballet moves before changing gears with some rock ‘n’ roll moves. They performed with so much expression on their faces.

“Sassy but athletic,” summarized judge Trish Stratus. Lilly said she was “aroused.” The husband blamed, “my hot Ukrainian wife.” Howie was as much moved by their story as he was by their dance. He felt that the couple “exemplifies what the world needs to do – that was a great symbol of love, and unity.” It was four big yeses.

Finally, the arial acrobatic duo Woody & Fenton took the stage. Woody said that their number was dedicated to his former partner Daniel, who took his own life. “This is my goodbye letter to him,” he said. They performed a powerfully emotional routine, most of it high above the stage while suspended by ropes. The act earned a standing ovation and, from Lilly, and a Golden Buzzer.

“My heart is literally beating through my chest right now,” she said. Howie agreed, calling the performance “emotionally clear” and lauding the eloquent storytelling. Due to an injury, Woody & Fenton were unable to perform in the semi-final round and had to withdraw from the competition.

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NEXT WEEK: More singers, dancers and acrobats. Howie is alarmed after witnessing, “one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen in my life!” Will that be the act that earns the group Golden Buzzer?!