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Oops! Dropped Devices Top Cause of Calamities by Clumsy Canadians!

May 25, 2010

News Releases

New study reveals impact of lost, stolen and broken mobile devices

TORONTO, May 25 /CNW/ – A recent online study of more than 1,000 Canadians with mobile devices, conducted by Ipsos-Reid on behalf of Rogers Communications, revealed that one in four Canadians have at one time had their mobile device lost, stolen or broken. Causes range from devices being dropped, followed by being stolen, left on public transit and in some cases, had fallen into a toilet, lake, ocean or pool. The report also shows that many of those surveyed feel disconnected, nauseous and even naked when their device is missing, but recent innovations ensure reliable relief is always available.

Rogers Communications recently developed a program to keep Canadians connected and prevent the uneccessary spread of what some experts refer to as Missing Mobile Disorder. The new Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee program, the first that is free to all Rogers subscribers, offers peace of mind to customers suffering from Missing Mobile Disorder. If a device becomes lost, stolen or broken, Rogers will provide a $0 replacement option or a discount toward the repair or replacement of the device and guarantees immediate, temporary relief by providing a working device until a repair or replacement is available. Rogers total repair time takes no more than 10 days.

“What is interesting about these statistics is that people have a strong emotional reaction when they think their mobile device is broken, lost or stolen,” says Chantel Simmons, one of Canada’s leading consumer trends trackers. “I even cheekily refer to it as Missing Mobile Disorder. The good news it that Canadians don’t have to feel that way and that there is a new way to get free help when you need it. ”

Staying connected is key to Canadians. The Ipsos-Reid study concluded that:

  • One in ten mobile Canadians between 18 and 34 would rather be late for an important meeting, class or appointment than be without their mobile device, choosing to race home to retrieve it over being on time.
  • 9% of Quebecers went as far as to say they feel naked without their mobile device
  • 14% of Ontarians surveyed said they would switch providers to take advantage of a protection program that guaranteed a working device out of warrantee.

Simmons says while Missing Mobile Disorder can happen anytime and anywhere, keeping connected is the key to avoiding physical and emotional symptoms that nearly four in ten (36%) mobile device-owning Canadians 18-34 report they experience. Through the new Handset Protection Guarantee program, Rogers is committed to keeping customers accessible, in touch and connected with a working device.

“I can barely remember a time when I didn’t have a mobile device and the ability to check my email and get my calls on the go. Now, like most Canadians, I need to stay connected,” Simmons added.

The Ipos-Reid study also found that across the country, Canadians have trouble holding onto their devices:

  • More than 1 in 10 (12%) survey respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 reported symptoms of Missing Mobile Disorder brought on by occasions of waterlogged devices, either dropping them in a lake, ocean or pool or even in the loo. Quebecers reported the highest frequency of having a device fall in a toilet (7%).
  • 12% of Canadians reported leaving a device behind when exiting taxis or buses and subway cars and those in Ontario are more likely than those in other provinces to leave their device on public transportation (7%).

All Rogers customers qualify for the new Handset Protection Guarantee program in their first instance of a lost, stolen or broken device out of warranty with any Rogers voice device, Rogers BlackBerry device, smartphone/PDA devices and Rogers Rocket Sticks. It is recommended that customers call Rogers Customer Care or visit their nearest Rogers Store or Dealer the moment they begin experience any Missing Mobile Disorder symptoms for fast-acting treatment, relief and continued connectivity.

For more information on the Rogers Handset Protection Guarantee, please visit

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