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Pink shirts aren’t just for fashion, they’re an anti-cyberbullying statement for everyone

Today marks Pink Shirt Day, a day where individuals across Canada will wear pink to take a stand against bullying.  

Pink Shirt Day started in 2007, after a grade 9 student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on his first day of high school. Today, it is used as a display of solidarity against bullying and cyberbullying, and to raise awareness of this important topic. 

Cyberbullying involves the use of technology (social media, text messages, websites, etc.) to make fun of or intimidate others. Unfortunately, what goes online, stays online forever. That’s why it’s important to show your support and teach everyone the importance of taking a stand against any form of bullying. 

Here are some ways that you can help be an anti-bullying advocate everyday: 

  • Lead by example 
    Let’s demonstrate the same respect and courtesy that we expect of others day and every day.  A smile or a kind word can make someone’s day, so let’s challenge and challenge ourselves to spread a little joy by doing at least one act of kindness each day.  

  • Start a conversation 
    Create an open communication channel with your friends and family about their online activities. It’s important that they know they can turn to you for help or guidance in any situation. 

  • Keep up to date 
    Stay informed on the latest apps, websites and games that your kids or younger friends and family members are using and have a conversation on what should and shouldn’t be shared online. 

  • Take a stand 
    When it comes to cyberbullying, it’s important to stop the conversation, save any messages or content and report it to the appropriate authorities immediately. 

The Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst has developed youth content to address cyberbullying, check out their resources here.