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Pushing through COVID-19 and powering into recovery, together

August 17, 2020


Connectivity in a COVID-19 world has been needed like never before, with our networks front and centre. Whether we needed to work remotely, graduate virtually, order essentials online, or something in between, in this new world, our digital infrastructure is a core component of our economic and social lives. 

Now, as we look ahead to Canada’s economic recovery, reliable connectivity is crucial. With businesses extending or introducing permanent remote-work policies, manufacturers reinforcing their assembly lines with AI, schools delivering parts of their programming digitally, governments moving services online and launching innovative touchless technology, strong, reliable connections are critical.

In a Toronto Star column, Jorge Fernandes (Rogers Chief Technology & Information Officer) and Jan De Silva (Toronto Region Board of Trade, President & CEO), write that in this new world, “we must recognize our digital infrastructure as not just another sector, but a core component of our economic and social lives.”

And “with the right investments and regulatory priorities, we can ensure our recovery is like our connection: strong, expansive and fast.”

You can read the column here.