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Interview with 2018 Ted Rogers Scholarship Recipient Ramnik Lalli

November 5, 2018


Ramnik Lalli

1. Where do you volunteer – what’s your favourite thing about what you do?  I am very involved in my community. I have a summer job with Toronto Community Housing and Jays Care as a senior camp program leader at Rookie League. This is the second year I have worked in this camp but this year I was lucky enough to get a higher position in which I had the ability to plan and organize all the fun activities and trips the kids went on. For this reason my favourite part of my job is to make each camper’s childhood as fun and memorable as mine was. Furthermore, these kids come from low-income families and most of the time have many other personal problems as well. As a camp program leader I have the platform to put smiles on their faces and make them happy. That to me is such an huge accomplishment. Moreover, this job isn’t a job for me at all, it is an experience that gives me the opportunity to make small differences in these children’s lives, and that to me is the most favourite thing about my job. 2. Why was receiving a Ted Rogers Scholarship special?  Receiving a Ted Rogers Scholarship was special to me because it made me proud of myself but mostly it made my family proud of me. I never imagined ever getting a scholarship like this and I still can’t believe it. You see I just did my job and someone thought I did such a great job that I deserved to have this scholarship. To me that is surreal! 3. Where do you plan on going to school and what will you study?  Since I was nominated for the scholarship last year, I was still in the application process when I went into my first year of University at the University of Guelph-Humber. The program that I am in and going into my second year is Kinesiology. 4. What are your long-term goals?  I have one-long term goal and that is to be successful. Success to me is not about money but rather about me being happy with myself and the things I have accomplished. Similarly, in my opinion happiness comes from family, friends and waking up everyday to spend the day doing something I love.