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Reaching out to Richard…

June 26, 2020


Our company is built on making connections — using the power of technology to keep Canadians close to the people and things they love most.  At the heart of all of this, is a team of dedicated individuals across the country to connect with our customers each and every day.

Richard, a long-time Rogers customer, was born with a developmental disability and he lives in a Salvation Army group-home residence.  Every week, he enjoys a special ritual — he travels by bus to our Pape and Danforth Rogers store in Toronto to visit with the team. During COVID-19, the retail closures made it impossible for Richard to visit — but the team was thinking of him, and wanted to surprise their friend…

We are delighted to welcome Richard every week, and proud of the entire team at Pape and Danforth for making our store a safe and inclusive space for Richard.  Demonstrating kindness and compassion — for all — is how we truly make more possible for our customers, and make a difference in the communities where we work, live, and raise our families.