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Riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster


    TORONTO, Dec. 18 /CNW/ - Starting and running a small business presents
unique challenges and stressors that lead entrepreneurs on what can only be
described as a high-flying emotional roller coaster ride. Traversing the
emotional spectrum from optimism to pessimism to hopelessness - and then back
to optimism - is all completely normal in the life of the entrepreneur. The
key is recognizing the different cycles and learning how to handle them - and
yourself - with specific tactics and practical tools to help you ride the
waves while growing your business.
    Cameron Herold, founder of BackPocket COO and former COO of
1-800-GOT-JUNK?, joins the newest episode of Canada's leading small business
podcast to talk about riding the entrepreneurial roller coaster.Topics include:
    -   How important is managing the emotion of the entrepreneurial
        experience, compared to managing the technical/logical aspects of
        doing business?
    -   What are the four phases of the emotional transition curve, and what
        do they represent?
    -   Once you know you are in a given phase, what should you do about it?
    -   How predictable is this pattern? Are there any surefire warning signs
        that you are about to exit one phase and enter another?
    -   Can you break the cycle? Should you break the cycle? Are any phases
        worse than the others?
    -   How can you get people to help you manage yourself? Can you train
        people of what to watch out for in you, so that they can warn you
        that you are entering any given phase? Is it helpful to have a
        well-attuned business partner or executive coach?The Business Coach podcast offers insight and information to help
entrepreneurs run their small business better. Launched in October 2006, The
Business Coach podcast is available for download from iTunes, and The Business Coach is co-produced by PROFIT Magazine and BMO
Bank of Montreal.
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    The Business Coach podcast is offered in both English and French. The
English-language interviews are hosted by Ian Portsmouth. L'actualité
magazine's Pierre Duhamel leads the French-language episodes.

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