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Rocketing to the top of our Small Business charts

Every October, we recognize Small Business Month, and the significant impact of small businesses on the Canadian economy. We know great business ideas come in all shapes and sizes, and we love celebrating our customers’ success. This Maritime printing business exemplified community values as it responded not only to PPE shortages, but also the need for business innovation and protecting the livelihood of its staff.

Pre-pandemic, Rocket was known as a large commercial printer, a source for educational materials, packaging and more. They welcomed face-to-face orders and service arrangements with their customers, staff, and suppliers. This all changed in March of 2020 as Canadians experienced collective stay-at-home orders and economic uncertainty.

“We lost $1 million in business in 72 hours,” shared Scott Williams, Rocket CEO. There was no time for indecision and this team knew they needed to make moves. Rather than lay people off, they looked to their staff and community for guidance. They received a clear response with an urgent message – watch the video below to see how Rocket transformed unpredictability into an opportunity for impact.

“The tools provided by Rogers for Business and their customer services portal were essential to our transformation – there was always someone there with an answer.” – Debbie Wadden, Executive Assistant

Rogers for Business services and tools helped Rocket complete business-as-usual operations despite extraordinary times. Seamless connections between customers, staff and suppliers helped this small business navigate change with all hands on deck. To learn more about Rocket, check out the Rogers for Business Blog.

Always feeling supported, with tools that make sense for your business – that’s the Rogers for Business advantage.

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