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Rogers’ $10 low-income internet program reaches milestone

December 16, 2016

We’re happy to announce that our Connected for Success has reached a milestone, signing its 100th program partner last month. Connected for Success aims at bridging the digital divide for up to 150,000 households across our cable footprint in Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland. The program, which offers affordable internet to community housing launched in 2013. To-date, the program has over 100 partners, and more than 10,000 households across Canada benefitting from the program. Here’s what you should know about the Connected for Success program: The Facts: What is it? Connected for Success is an affordable internet program that provides broadband internet to low-income Canadians for $9.99 monthly Who gets it? From Ottawa to Fredericton, N.B., to Corner Brook, N.L., to Waterloo, Ont., there are more than 530 non-profit housing providers across our cable footprint who manage families and individuals living in rent-geared-to-income non-profit housing have the opportunity to benefit from this very low-cost internet access, helping them fully participate in the digital economy How do they qualify? In order for a household to qualify for the program, Rogers partners with non-profit housing organizations and co-ops to ensure a process is put in place to verify tenant’s eligibility For more information on our Connected for Success program, check out our Community and Environmental page. Check out Wes’ story on how Connected for Success keeps him active in his community: