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Rogers Cable and PROFIT recognize Canada's most innovative small businesses

March 4, 2009

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iMD Health, Mad Rock Marine Solutions and VitaSound Audio honoured for
    creative business solutionsTORONTO, March 4 /CNW/ - Rogers Cable Communications Inc. and PROFIT
Magazine today announced the winners of the second annual Innovations@Work
Awards - iMD Health, Mad Rock Marine Solutions Inc. and VitaSound Audio Inc.
Launched in 2007, the Innovations@Work Award program recognizes Canadian
businesses with fewer than 20 employees for innovative approaches to products,
services and business management. The only award of its kind in Canada, it
celebrates the next generation of innovative small companies whose big ideas
move their businesses and their industries forward.
    "Small businesses continue to show resilience, tenacity, and courage as
they create innovative solutions that succeed despite the turmoil in the
economic climate," said Sarah Berkowski, Vice President, Small Business
Services, Rogers Cable. "Rogers is pleased to encourage the rich tradition of
innovation by small Canadian companies."
    "The sheer diversity and number of businesses that entered the 2008
awards speaks volumes for the creativity and ingenuity of Canadian small
businesses," said Ian Portsmouth, Editor-in-Chief, PROFIT Magazine. "There is
not a niche in our economy too narrow that a small business cannot locate it
and provide a product or service to satisfy those customers."

    Improved patient understanding: iMD Health (Toronto, Ontario)

    iMD Health helps doctors and patients communicate about symptoms,
diagnoses and treatments using interactive images to overcome language and
cultural barriers. "I knew there had to be a better way for physicians to
inform and educate their patients," said founder Sandro Micieli. "We are
honoured to receive the Innovations@Work Award in recognition of the
importance of doctor-patient relationships and better health education."Better lifeboat safety: Mad Rock Marine Solutions (St John's,
    Newfoundland)Each year more people are killed on lifeboats than are saved by them. One
of the primary reasons is unreliable release hooks. Mad Rock's fail-safe
release hook technology decreases the number of preventable deaths related to
lifeboats. "The RocLocâ„¢ product is the result of years of dedicated effort
by our marine engineers," said Dean Pelley, CEO and President of Mad Rock.
"Recognition by PROFIT and Rogers is a very gratifying testament to our
commitment to safer solutions for seafarers."

    Affordable hearing care by VitaSound Audio (Concord, Ontario)

    VitaSound Audio integrates disparate technologies from different sources
to deliver affordable, accessible hearing enhancement and protection devices.
The company's ability to deliver unique product solutions that target specific
market segments previously untapped is what sets them apart. "While our goals
may sometimes exceed our capacities, our ability to think outside the box is
what has put us on the path to success," said Gora Ganguli, President and CEO,
VitaSound Audio. "This acknowledgement from Rogers and PROFIT that creativity
is crucial to the future success of Canadian businesses and industries is
encouraging for us as a small business."

    The 2009 Innovations@Work awards will open for entries in September. For
more information about the award program, visit www.innovationsatwork.caAbout Rogers Cable Small Business Services:
    -------------------------------------------Rogers Cable Small Business Services is a division of Rogers Cable
Communications Inc. focused on delivering quality communications solutions -
including voice, data and video - that enable small businesses to realize
their true potential. More than 80,000 small businesses rely on Rogers for
fast connections that save time and improve customer service. With
easy-to-manage connectivity solutions, Rogers customers can rely on staying
connected and informed and know that their business communications will be
secure. In today's competitive business environment, the advantage goes to
those who can manage information intelligently and with agility. With Rogers
as your trusted business partner, small businesses can successfully do just
    Additional Information about Rogers Cable Small Business Services is
available at PROFIT
    ------------PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success is Canada's pre-eminent
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and mid-sized businesses. For more than 25 years, Canadian entrepreneurs
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increase their revenues, boost their profitability and get the recognition
they deserve for generating positive economic and social change. Published six
times a year by Rogers Publishing Ltd., PROFIT is distributed almost
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