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Rogers Communications donates $50,000 to Red Cross in support of flooded communities in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick

Giving back to our communities in times of need is a core part of who we are. That’s why Rogers is donating $50,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to provide support to communities in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Rogers is also offering rocket sticks and loaner phones to emergency centres to help those displaced stay connected and our local radio stations are keeping affected communities informed.

In addition to those supports, many of our team members are volunteering their time to help. In New Brunswick, a group of our technicians filled and hauled sandbags in Grand Bay-Westfield, a community just outside of Saint John. While volunteering, they encountered an elderly man who had canoed from his home to ask for help. His family room was submerged under four feet of water and he needed to protect his belongings. Phil Meahan and Tim Hallett, two Rogers employees, immediately jumped in the canoe and went back to this man’s home to help. After helping the man protect his home, they rejoined their colleagues filling sandbags.

Our employees work and live in many of the communities impacted by these floods. Some homes of our employees are also flooded, but they still jumped in to help the wider community. This speaks to the very heart of our team and the immediate response to be there in times of crisis, no questions asked.