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Rogers Group of Funds Announces $2.4 Million in Funding for 29 New Canadian Documentary Films

Toronto (August 11, 2020) – As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting Canada’s vibrant documentary community, Rogers Group of Funds today announced $2.4 million to support 29 new Canadian documentary films.  After a competitive group of more than 70 applications, the funded projects include both national languages with production spanning across the country.

The Rogers Documentary Fund, which was established in 1996, is part of the Rogers Group of Funds and has pledged more than $42 million in grants to Canadian producers and supported more than 900 documentary projects over the years. 

“Now, more than ever before, it is so important to invest in Canadian content to showcase our diverse stories and identities,” said Phil Lind, Chair, Rogers Group of Funds. “Through the power of storytelling, we are able to connect, inform and educate one another about our past, present and future. We are so excited to support this group of documentary filmmakers as they bring their projects to life.”   

The 29 new documentaries delve into untold stories about sports, humanitarianism and science, including the now defunct Vancouver Grizzlies, cruise ships infected with COVID-19, the eccentric world of the cat show circuit, and the remarkable life and career of Indigenous advocate Buffy Sainte-Marie.  See list of all 29 projects below.

Since 1980, the Rogers Group of Funds has supported Canada’s independent film and television producers with more than $600 million in funding and for more than 2,300 projects.

Overview of 29 Selected Projects

Born to Run
Company: Proximity Films WOM Inc.
Producers: Howard Fraiberg & Phyllis Ellis
Broadcaster: TVO

Borrowed from Nature
Company: Kino Sum Productions Inc.
Producers: Sheila Peacock, Nicola Waugh, Gillian McKercher        
Broadcaster: CBC

Boyle’s War    
Company: Hootalinqua Motion Pictures Inc. 
Producers: Trevor Birney, Max Fraser, Paul Cadieux, Michael Fanning Broadcasters: Super Channel, NorthwesTel TV

Buffy Sainte-Marie: Power in the Blood      
Company: White Pine Pictures Inc.   
Producers: Peter Raymont, Andrew Munger, Andrea Warner         
Broadcaster: Bell Media

Carbon: An Unauthorized Biography
Company: Graphene Productions Inc.          
Producers: Niobe Thompson, Sonya Pemberton, Lucy Maclaren 
Broadcaster: CBC

Carved in Stone         
Company: Fringe Filmworks Inc.     
Producers: Angela Heck, Ivan Hughes        
Broadcasters: CBC Absolute, Bell MTS

Catwalk 2: Bobby’s Revenge
Company: Bobby MSF Inc.   
Producers: Judy Holm, Michael McNamara, Aaron Hancox
Broadcasters: CBC, Documentary Channel

Children of the Church         
Company: Screen Siren Pictures Inc.          
Producers: Christine Haebler, Trish Dolman, Martha O’Neill, Adrian McCarthy        
Broadcaster: CBC

Cruising Towards Disaster    
Company: 2480331 Ontario Ltd.       
Producers: Michael Downie, David Wells, Diana Warmé     
Broadcaster: CBC

Dans l’ombre du star wars kid
Company: URBANIA TV 3105 Inc..  
Producers: Jacinthe Carignan, Annie Bourdeau, Pierre-Mathieu Fortin, Philippe Lamarre, Raphaëlle Huysmans, Nathalie Cloutier  
Broadcaster: Télé-Québec

Dear Audrey   
Company: Cineflix (Dear Audrey) Inc.           
Producers: Glen Salzman, Katherine Buck, Annette Clark, Jeremiah Hayes 
Broadcaster: Super Channel

EXPLORE: An Underground Journey           
Company: Peg Leg Films Inc.           
Producer: Jenny Rustemeyer
Broadcaster: Knowledge Network

Kings of Coke
Company: URBANIA TV 2802 INC.  
Producer: Philippe Lamarre, Raphaëlle Huysmans, Pablo Salzman, Michael Kronish, Andre Barro, Annie Bordeau         
Broadcaster: Bell Media

La Bataille pour l’âme du Québec     
Company: Périphéria 
Producer: Yanick Létourneau
Broadcaster: SRC-RDI

La Forêt et la famille  
Company: Catbird Productions, Inc. 
Producer: Katarina Soukup   
Broadcaster: TV5 / Unis

La vie devant moi      
Company: Productions Nova Média Inc.       
Producers: Yves Lafontaine, Martine Larouche        
Broadcaster: SRC

Laissez-nous raconter           
Company: Terre Innue Productions Inc.       
Producers: Josée Rock, Alexandre Bacon, Francine Allaire, Kim O’Bomsawin, Natalie Dubois 
Broadcaster: SRC / CBC

Le mythe de la femme noire  
Comany: Bel Ange Moon Productions          
Producers: Kathy Wolf, Bianca Bellange, Tetchena Bellange          
Broadcaster: Natyf TV

Meet and Eat at Lee’s Garden           
Company: Cinnamon Bowl Productions
Producers: Howard Tan, Day’s Lee, Isabelle Gregoire        
Broadcaster: CBC Absolute Quebec

Moonless Oasis         
Company: Perpetuum Films Ltd.       
Producers: Josh Huculiak, Bryce Zimmerman, Nate Slaco  
Broadcaster: CBC

Possessing Einstein  
Company: Frequent Flyer Films Inc. 
Producers: Michelle Shephard, Bryn Hughes, Carolyn Abraham     
Broadcaster: Documentary Channel

Pour un verre d’eau   
Company: Les Films Extérieur Jour Inc.       
Producer: Amélie Lambert Bouchard, Elodie Pollet, Ian Quenneville         
Broadcaster: Télé-Québec

State of the Planet     
Company: Yap Planet Productions Inc.        
Producers: Elliott Halpern, Elizabeth Trojians, Martin Williams, Ben Schaub           
Broadcaster: CBC

The Grizzly Truth (fka Worst Team Ever)     
Company: Grizz Films Inc.    
Producers: Scott Moore, Vinay Virmani, Kathleen Jayme, Michael Grand, James Brown, Joella Cabalu 
Broadcaster: Bell Media

The Kids in the Hall   
Company: Blue Ant Studios Canada Inc.      
Producers: Laura Michalchyshyn, Jennifer Harkness, Paul Meyers, Michael Bonfiglio, Nick McKinney, Betty Orr
Broadcasters: TBD

The Society Page      
Company: Towntalk Productions Inc.
Producer: Kevin Eastwood    
Broadcaster: Knowledge Network

The Urban Whale      
Company: Urban Whale Inc. 
Producers: Nadine Pequeneza, Joanne Jackson     
Broadcaster: CBC

Unmasking the Human Face 
Company: Josh Freed Productions   
Producers: Josh Freed, Janet Torge 
Broadcaster: CBC

Visionary Gardeners, Season I         
Company: VG Productions Inc.         
Producers: Moses Znaimer, Mark Bradley, Ian Toews, Beverley Shenken, Amy Walker
Broadcaster: Vision TV

Find out more the Rogers Group of Funds here.

Since 1980, the Rogers Group of Funds has supported Canada’s independent film and television producers with more than $600 million through three different types of funding. Rogers Telefund offers loans to Canadian independent producers; Rogers Documentary Fund, Canada’s premier source of funding for documentary films; and Rogers Cable Network Fund, an equity investor in Canadian programs with a first play on a Canadian cable channel. Three different types of financing. Three different funds.  All from one source – Rogers.