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Rogers to invest more than $700 million in Alberta over the next four years

Rogers to further expand network infrastructure and retail presence
across province

Commitment to province also includes a multi-year sponsorship of the
Edmonton Oilers and investment in local communities through Rogers
Youth Fund

TORONTO, Oct. 1, 2013 /CNW/ – Rogers Communications, Canada’s leading
diversified communications and media company, announced today a planned
investment of over $700 million in Alberta over the next four years.
Starting this year, Rogers will further upgrade and expand its wireless
network throughout the province, open additional retail locations,
sponsor the Edmonton Oilers and further increase its contributions to
local communities and youth initiatives. This four year commitment
follows a decade long growth strategy that has seen Rogers invest over
$1 billion in network enhancements and expansions across the province
of Alberta.

“For the past ten years, we’ve made strategic investments that help fuel
Alberta’s growth and empower Canadians to communicate, collaborate and
compete,” said Rob Bruce, president of Communications Division, Rogers
Communications. “Today’s commitment to further enhance our network
infrastructure, retail presence, and investment in community and
sports, will give Albertans even more access to innovation and the
latest technology, while strengthening the province’s economy and our

Rogers’ four year, $700 million investment in Alberta focuses on:

  • Investing in network enhancements and expansions across the province –
    increasing our overall coverage sites by 40 per cent and rolling out
    Rogers LTE – Canada’s fastest wireless internet – to even more
    communities such as Leduc and Chestermere, launching soon. Currently,
    residents of Edmonton, Calgary, Fort McMurray and other key markets
    already benefit from Rogers’ LTE – Canada’s fastest wireless internet;
  • Opening dozens of new retail locations to offer more customers access to
    technology and customer service, while also creating more job
    opportunities across the province. By the end of this year alone, a
    total of 12 new retail locations will have opened in 2013;
  • Delivering next generation business solutions to Alberta’s business
    community, particularly in the oil and gas sector, including innovative
    machine-to-machine and connected solutions;
  • Driving growth in Alberta enterprise businesses by delivering expanded
    data capacity, managed data and cloud services through strategic
    investments including the recently announced acquisition of Pivot Data
    Centres in Calgary and Edmonton operations for $155 million;
  • Supporting Canadians’ passion for hockey with a multi-year agreement as
    lead sponsor of the Edmonton Oilers under which Rogers has acquired the
    official sponsorship and marketing rights for the Oilers, Oil Kings and
    Rexall Place. As the official telecommunications sponsor of the team,
    Rogers will bring fans the ultimate connected fan experience powered by
    Rogers LTE network – Canada’s fastest wireless internet;
  • Empower communities and invest in Alberta’s youth through partnerships
    between the Rogers Youth Fund and local Boy and Girls Clubs, the
    Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth and the Edmonton Oilers Community

“Rogers is committed to helping Alberta’s youth gain the skills, tools
and opportunities that will enable them to build a bright and
prosperous future,” said Bruce. “Success at school is the first step.
The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth and the Boys and Girls Clubs of
Alberta help equip youth with, not just the skills needed for success,
but the support, leadership and encouragement to develop healthy
lifestyles and a passion for learning.”

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