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Rogers Urges Industry Committee to Hold Public Hearings on Government's Flawed Wireless Policy

August 27, 2013

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House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology to meet today to decide whether to hold public hearings

TORONTO, Aug. 27, 2013 /CNW/ – Rogers Communications is urging the federal government to act immediately on calls from industry, opposition, labour unions, institutional investors, analysts and other third parties to review the country’s flawed wireless policies and rules for the upcoming 700 MHz spectrum auction. Today’s current rules give an unfair advantage to huge foreign players and Rogers is asking for a common set of rules for Canadian and foreign carriers.

Specifically we’re asking the federal government to:¬†

  1. Offer equal bidding rights in the 700 MHz auction Рgive Canadian carriers the same rights as large foreign incumbents 
  2. Create an open environment – if a Canadian wireless player seeks a buyer, everyone should be able to bid
  3. Strengthen auction rollout requirements Рensure foreign carriers invest and build a national network in rural areas 

“Spectrum is a natural resource and the lifeblood of Canada’s wireless networks. It’s important that the government take the time to get this policy right,” said Nadir Mohamed, CEO, Rogers Communications. “Public hearings would allow Canadians to have their say about policies that give large foreign companies preferential access to this scarce Canadian resource.”

A number of stakeholders from across the political spectrum have added their voice to the debate and shared concerns about the impact of the government’s current wireless policy. Hearings through the Industry Committee would provide an important opportunity for open, public discussion.

“We need debate and dialogue now as these policies will shape our industry for years to come. We’re asking for a constructive discussion to ensure both Canada and Canadians benefit from a strong, sustainable and competitive wireless sector,” said Mohamed.

Rogers welcomes competition from any company, foreign or domestic, but is asking for a level playing field to ensure Canada’s wireless sector remains competitive and world leading.

SOURCE Rogers Communications Inc.