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Sidekickin’ it with Fido for 25-years – Ann-Elizabeth Bolduc shares her experience working with the team since day one

This year, Fido is celebrating its 25th birthday and, as a team that has always put its customers first, they’re taking the opportunity to mark this milestone with a new campaign and tagline, At Your Side™ – celebrating the values they’ve established throughout their 25-year legacy.

Alongside this remarkable achievement stands a group of passionate and driven team members who have brought this brand to life throughout the years – those like Ann-Elizabeth Bolduc, Manager of the Customer Experience Centre of Excellence for Fido who’s been sidekickin’ it with Fido since day one.

We sat down with Ann-Elizabeth to hear more about her firsthand experience growing alongside Fido on their 25-year expansion journey.

Tell us a bit about your journey with Fido? Where did you start and how has your career progressed?  

I was part of the first group of 20 Customer Service Representatives (CSR) that started with Fido before it officially launched to customers in 1996. As a CSR I dabbled in business account approvals, helpdesk and activations and then became a Team Manager for eight years. I found my true love in project management and have been there ever since, working in in various corporate roles to better serve our customers, supporting everything from iPhone launches and Black Friday campaigns to Haiti relief telethons.   

Fido’s celebrating 25 years! How have you seen the company grow and evolve?

It’s kind of like watching the evolution of a child growing up – the company has gone through many phases and persevered through different challenges. A big part of Fido’s success is our team – we are a group of people who love and support Fido and we are always working to improve for our customers. Fido is home, Fido is family, Fido is tattooed on our hearts and you fight for family.

Where do you see Fido going in the future and what are you most excited about?

I continue to be excited about the technology. In 25 years, we went from a mobile platform with three basic phones, aimed at making service accessible to many Canadians to supporting smartphones with data capabilities that allow us to be connected in a way we never thought possible. Can you imagine what the next 25 years will lead us to?  I’m pre booking my flight to Mars on Google Flights right now!

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