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Statement from Rogers President and CEO on the announcement of a formal Memorandum of Understanding

Statement from Tony Staffieri, President and CEO of Rogers Communications Inc., on the announcement of a formal Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) among Canada’s major telecommunications carriers regarding reciprocal support for emergency roaming, mutual assistance and communications protocols in the event of a future network outage:

“We at Rogers continue on our journey to earn back the trust of Canadians, and the MOU signed today by all of Canada’s major telecommunications service providers is an important step in that process. I want to recognize the leadership Minister Champagne has provided to ensure we are pulling together to deliver the best possible emergency 911 call reliability for Canadians. I also want to acknowledge the hard work and collaboration from our fellow industry stakeholders which speaks to the strength of our shared commitment to Canadians. As I have said at the outset of this journey, emergency calls to 911 simply have to work, every time, and today’s agreement will ensure 911 calls switch to other networks in the event of a future outage impacting any one carrier’s network. This is the responsible path to take and these changes will have no impact on prices.”