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Supporting B.C. Search and Rescue volunteers who stepped up for their communities during the devastating floods

March 2, 2022


When the lives of so many British Columbia residents were drastically impacted by the devastating floods late last year, volunteers from the B.C. Search and Rescue Association jumped in to take heroic action to support their communities.

From wading through rapidly rising waters to helping residents evacuate their homes, these volunteers stepped up during unprecedented times. Today, on Search and Rescue (SAR) Volunteer Memorial Day, we’re honouring and celebrating these heroes and spotlighting their lifesaving efforts.

To provide ongoing support to the B.C. Search and Rescue Organization, we donated $1 million to the organization as part of a multi-year partnership that will provide new technology and specialized equipment for the 79 local teams and 3,000 professional volunteers who conduct air, swift water, and marine rescues in their communities year-round.

Jerry Haak, a volunteer from the Central Fraser Valley rescue team recounts his experience during the floods and shares how Rogers’ ongoing support will help procure emergency resources and technologies to keep residents safe.

Learn more about the heroic actions of these volunteers and the steps we’re taking to provide ongoing support to the B.C. Search and Rescue Association.