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Surprising and delighting some deserving members of our communities.

During COVID-19, the very best of this country revealed itself as we witnessed Canadians coming together like never before to help each other navigate these uncertain times. This has been the silver lining over the last year, and we wanted to thank members of our community who are helping us all get to a better tomorrow.

From the brave women who are an inspiration to us all to the frontline heroes who are risking it all, our Rogers Pro On-the-Go team set out to find some of Canada’s unsung heroes to share our thanks for all that they’ve done. Through our partnership with Women’s Shelter Canada and with the help of our social media partners Cat and Nat and Scott Bakken, Pro On-the-Go gave back to Canadians across the country who have given their all to bettering the lives of those around them.

From hand-delivering devices to these deserving recipients to providing them with additional phone accessories, wireless plans and the support they need to get and stay connected to the things that matter most, Pro On-the-Go is here for our heroes across the country.

Supporting community members making a better tomorrow.

One of the ways Rogers is helping to make a better Canada.