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Teaming up with Cityline to give back.

COVID-19 compels us to take care of each other more than ever before and since the onset of this public health crisis, we have expanded our community support. We take such great pride to give back to our communities, and COVID-19 has shone a light on the critical need for keeping Canadians connected.

Continuing our commitment to provide digital lifelines for women in at-risk communities across the country, we recently partnered with the Red Door Family Shelter, who has been on the frontlines of providing emergency shelter and delivering support services to women fleeing domestic violence and homeless families. Contributions from community corporate partners make it possible for the Red Door Family Shelter to provide sanctuary and support to women and their children.

In celebration of our 60th Anniversary and in honour of The 60 Project, we teamed up with Cityline to deliver much-needed supplies and devices to those who need it most, and provide Ignite services for the re-designed resident family room at their Violence Against Women Shelter.

Supporting community partners.

One of the ways Rogers is helping to make a better Canada possible.