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The best businesses to go in to now

December 10, 2007

News Releases

    PROFIT Magazine's 12th annual Opportunity Guide, arriving on newsstands
    today, presents today's best startup, expansion and sales prospects for
    Canadian entrepreneurs.

    TORONTO, Dec. 10 /CNW/ - PROFIT Magazine is pointing Canadian
entrepreneurs toward their next big thing. Today, PROFIT reveals its 12th
annual report on the best niches for starting a business, growing an existing
company and finding hot sales prospects. Here, according to PROFIT, are some
of the best business opportunities for 2008 and beyond:-   Coping with climate change

        Global warming is not only leaving a trail of destruction. It's also
        clearing a path for quick-moving entrepreneurs to help society adapt.
        As the weather breaks away from historical patterns and becomes more
        extreme, there'll be hot demand for everything from specialized
        weather-forecasting services to retrofitting buildings to withstand
        nastier storms.

    -   Generation Y

        The boomers' little kids are almost all grown up. Generation Y, born
        from 1977 to 1994, will number 9.2 million in Canada by 2011. There's
        a growing opportunity to help this group complete the transition to
        adulthood, such as offering Gen Y-friendly financial advice, career
        counseling and socially-conscious products.

    -   Selling to the poor

        Businesses can make millions selling to a vast but largely ignored
        market: the world's poor. The four billion people who live on less
        than US$3,000 a year are the largest growth opportunity in the past
        50 years - and are already a profitable market for Western companies
        selling everything from cellphones to shampoo.

    -   The retirement ready

        There's gold in targeting people nearing their golden years. The
        ranks of Canadians aged 55 to 64 are growing eight times as fast as
        the rest of the population, and their median net worth is triple that
        of other adults. They're a rich market for everything from specialty
        furniture to one-stop financial-services shops.

    -   The riches in recession

        With the U.S. economy slowing sharply, Canada is likely heading into
        a slowdown of our own - or even a recession. But that doesn't mean
        there won't be any great business opportunities. The key to growth in
        hard times is in countercyclical sectors: those that thrive while
        others suffer.PROFIT magazine's full 2008 Opportunity Guide is available on newsstands

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