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[The Big Story Podcast] How to stay happy during self-isolation

April 1, 2020


These are stressful times, to put it lightly. And the message from Canada’s health officials is that there’s no clear end in sight for physical distancing measures. As we go longer and longer without the sort of everyday things that make us feel good, the COVID-19 pandemic will take a higher emotional toll.

But that doesn’t mean we’re powerless. Jordan Heath-Rawlings, host of The Big Story on Frequency Podcast Network, spoke with Dr. Elizabeth Dunn, a happiness researcher at the University of British Columbia.  Turns out, we actually know quite a bit about what our brains crave, and what makes us feel good. And there’s a lot of it that can be done without leaving home.

Listen to The Big Story for a little helpful instruction on how to get what you need no matter what’s outside your door: