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The Journey to Standalone 5G

We recently launched the first commercial 5G standalone (SA) network in Canada, marking an important step forward in evolving 5G connectivity. This network milestone will bring immediate benefits to customers by increasing coverage, scalability and availability and improving network response times, enabling a world of new use cases and applications like dedicated private networks, public safety applications and access to edge compute for AR/VR consumer applications.

We interviewed Luciano Ramos, Senior Vice President, Network Development and Core Engineering at Rogers Communications, to get his take on our journey to 5G standalone, and why it matters.

Q: Tell us about the Rogers journey to launching the first commercial 5G Standalone Core network.

Q: What are some of the benefits for a 5G Standalone Core network?

Q: Tell us about network slicing and what this means for 5G technology?

Q: What are the key learnings and insights from this project?

You can watch the full video of Luciano’s interview here.

Rogers worked with long-time strategic partner Ericsson to deploy the 5G SA Core. More information about the technical deployment of this milestone is available here.