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The pride behind Quebec’s most reliable network: Rogers 5G is built for Quebecers by Quebecers

 Thanks to the hard work of our Quebec network team, we’re continuing to expand 5G on Quebec’s most reliable network. Today, we announced that 5G will be delivered to an additional 14 Quebec communities across the province, now reaching more than 80 communities across the province.

The first to bring 5G to the province in 2020, these milestones are driven by a dedicated local team of Quebecers, bringing together their talent and local understanding to provide residents and businesses of Quebec with the best in wireless connectivity.

What does it feel like to make 5G possible in Quebec? We asked our team of local experts, who are building the Rogers 5G network from the ground up, about their experiences, the pride and the excitement that comes along with keeping customers connected in Canada’s largest province.