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The Third Annual Citytv Herbie Day Raised $181,374 In Support of Operation Herbie

    TORONTO, June 10 /CNW/ - Citytv is pleased to announce that the third
annual Citytv Herbie Day and Citytv Herbie Day Celebrity Online Auction were
overwhelming successes, with Citytv viewers contributing $181,374, and
counting as proceeds continue to trickle in, in support of Operation Herbie
and the Herbie Fund.
    The Herbie Fund provides assistance to children receiving life-saving or
life-altering surgery at SickKids that is not available in their home country
and is supported entirely by charitable donations.
    "We are so pleased to have been able to make a contribution to such a
worthy organization as Operation Herbie," said Jamie Haggarty, EVP Television
Operations, Rogers Media Television and VP/GM Citytv Toronto. "Our viewers
deserve a huge thanks as they came through once again by embracing Herbie Day.
Our community's support is directly improving or saving the lives of
children...we can't thank you enough."
    "Citytv Herbie Day completely embraces what the Herbie Fund is all
about," said Kamla Sharma, Director, International Affairs, The Hospital for
Sick Children. "It truly is about a community coming together to save the life
of a child. What Citytv and all the viewers accomplished this year will ensure
that a number of kids from around the world continue to have access to
life-saving care that otherwise wouldn't be available to them. Thank you
Citytv, your unbridled support continues to push us closer to our vision,
Healthier Children. A Better World."
    Herbie Day Fundraising Efforts Included:-   Citytv Herbie Day - On Friday, June 6th, viewers were invited come
        down to the front lawn of The Hospital for Sick Children and take
        part in the third annual Citytv Herbie Day. The day long, festivities
        were hosted by "CityNews" Anchor Gord Martineau and were broadcast
        live on Citytv. Live coverage began on "BT-BreakfastTelevision" and
        continued throughout the day on "CityNews at Noon", "CityOnLine",
        "CityNews at Five" and "CityNews at Six". The day was full of
        entertainment and food from around the world as well as insightful
        interviews with the Herbie patients themselves.

    -   Citytv Herbie Day Celebrity Online Auction - Viewers had the
        opportunity to bid on some amazing prize packages donated by some of
        their favourite Citytv personalities including Gord Martineau, Liz
        West, Merella Fernandez, Kathryn Humphreys, Jennifer Valentyne, Jee
        Yun Lee, Nalini Sharma and Pam Seatle. Viewers were able to bid on
        these exciting auction items between May 26th and June 4th.

    -   Extensive coverage of Gord Martineau's travels to Botswana and
        Trinidad to meet with the Herbie Patients aired in a five-part series
        on "CityNews" from June 2nd to 6th.Congratulations to everyone who helped support Citytv Herbie Day and the
Citytv Herbie Day Celebrity Online Auction.
    For more information on this and other Citytv initiatives, please visit

    About Operation Herbie and the Herbie Fund:
    An increasing number of sick children from around the world and their
families look to the Herbie Fund ( at SickKids to provide
treatment not available in their homeland. Over 600 children from
approximately 88 countries have received specialized medical and surgical help
that would not otherwise be available to them. The Herbie Fund helps
approximately 20-25 children every year. The number of children helped depends
entirely on the amount of money donated. Unfortunately, there are always more
applications than can be accepted. Costs can vary greatly, depending on the
type of treatment involved as well as the amount of help needed. The average
cost per patient is approximately $25,000 - $30,000.
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