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Volunteer Spotlight:  Nancy Lee, Senior Engagement Manager, CEX

February 9, 2017

  Our Volunteer Team of the month is the newly-formed CEX  Engagement Team. Nancy Lee and her team went above and beyond before the holidays as they filled shipping containers with goods at Canadian Food for Children in Mississauga. What made your team get involved in the Rogers Employee Volunteer Program? We are a fairly new team and our team has grown from four to 12 in just eight short months, each with different backgrounds and experience. What better way to get to know each other than with a team building activity of volunteering? What did you do for your day-of-giving and did anyone join you? It was a cold morning when our team of 12 excitedly converged at the Mississauga warehouse for Canadian Food for Children. Tell us what your day was like! Our team filled a giant box – approximately 50 cubic feet in size – with uncooked spaghetti, and packed an entire shipping container with a capacity of 2,400 cubic feet (maximum weight 35,000 kg!) to send to those in need in Honduras. We filled the shipping container to the brim with food, clothing, pails for water and food, mats made out of milk bags (yes, milk bags!) and toys for children. What was your favourite moment during your volunteer experience? It was amazing, inspirational and most of all, it was fun. Different people took command and helped lead the rest of us on where to stack the next box, what to do next, how we could do things differently or more efficiently. Who knew playing Tetris as a teenager would come in handy to pack a shipping container? Did you take away anything valuable from the experience? What has been instilled in many of us as children came full circle. What we did that day was share. We shared food and clothing with those in need. We shared experiences with each other and we shared laughs. We learned a lot about each other — how we work, and how we communicate. We also learned that there is plenty (of food, clothing, etc.) to go around. We just need to share with those who are less fortunate.