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Who are Canada's 50 hottest companies?

September 15, 2008

News Releases
PROFIT magazine announces its 9th annual HOT 50 ranking of Canada's
    Emerging Growth CompaniesTORONTO, Sept. 15 /CNW/ - It takes a whole lot of guts and a generous
amount of business savvy to build a sustainable business today, and PROFIT
magazine has found entrepreneurs from 50 star companies who have done just
that. From online auction management and boutique wine-making to model-train
manufacturing and blog publishing, this year's PROFIT HOT 50 firms are great
examples of formidable business growth amid economic challenges.
    Although all the firms in PROFIT magazine's 9th annual ranking of
Canada's Emerging Growth Companies are young, they embody the business savvy
of companies several times their age. More importantly, they're in demand:
over the past two years, the average HOT 50 firm achieved revenue growth of
756%; last year, their sales averaged $6.7 million.The formula for success

    And what are the secrets to the their success? Top factors cited by HOT 50
leaders most often were:

    1.  strategic sales
    2.  recruiting good staff
    3.  retaining good staff
    4.  ability to generate capital
    5.  personal contacts in their industry or customer market

    PROFIT HOT 50, TOP 5:

    Rank     Name                  Location        Industry         growth %
    1.                   Mortgage
             Holdings Inc.         Concord, Ont.   broker network      3,993
    2.       Pacesetter
             Directional                           Directional
             and Performance                       drilling
             Drilling              Calgary         services            3,916
    3.       Simcoe Canada         Thornhill,      Land
             Land Development      Ont.            development         2,704
    4.       Rapido Trains Inc.    Concord, Ont.   Model-train
                                                   manufacturer        2,396
    5.       Apption Software      Toronto         Business-process
                                                   software            2,367

    A complete ranking of the PROFIT HOT 50 companies, can be found in the
newest issue of PROFIT magazine, on newsstands beginning Thurs. Sept. 18, or
at or through the contact below.

    What Canada's Emerging Growth Companies do
    -   Business services (20 total)
        -  IT-related:         7
        -  Communications:     2
        -  HR-related:         2
        -  Marketing-related:  2
        -  Other:              7

    -   Software development   7
    -   Wholesale/distribution 5
    -   Construction           5
    -   Manufacturing          4
    -   Consumer services      4
    -   Retail                 3
    -   Online publishing      2How we found them

    Entries were solicited through a self-nominating entry form in PROFIT's
May and June issues, on the Internet at and in our
e-newsletter PROFIT-Xtra. The nomination drive was also promoted through
Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines, by business organizations across
Canada and through targeted direct mailings to Canadian growth companies.
Entrants were ranked by two-year revenue growth, with revenue and net income
verified through financial statements.

    About PROFIT

    PROFIT: Your Guide to Business Success is Canada's preeminent publication
dedicated to the management issues and opportunities facing small and
mid-sized businesses. For more than 25 years, Canadian entrepreneurs across a
vast array of economic sectors have remained loyal to PROFIT because it's a
timely and reliable source of actionable information that helps them increase
their revenues, boost their profitability and get the recognition they deserve
for generating positive economic and social change. Published six times a year
by Rogers Publishing Ltd., PROFIT is distributed almost exclusively to the
chief executives of companies with 5 to 250 employees and annual revenue of
$1 million to $25 million, reaching more than 300,000 readers across Canada.
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