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Who are Canada's richest Canadians? (Hint: more than half of them are billionaires)

    Canadian Business magazine's 9th-annual Rich 100 list arrives on
    newsstands starting today.

    TORONTO, Nov. 29 /CNW/ - This year's Rich 100, Canadian Business
magazine's exclusive annual ranking of the wealthiest Canadians, is populated
by a bumper crop of billionaires. For the first time ever, more than half of
the list is made up of people who have hit the 10-digit mark; 54 of them, in
fact, up from 46 in last year's ranking.
    There has also been a sea change near the top of the list. For the first
time since 2000, Galen Weston does not hold the No. 2 spot. That honour now
goes to Ted Rogers, whose estimated net worth is up 67% over last year.
Canadian Business magazine also welcomes two new members: mining investor Rob
McEwen, and Dennis (Chip) Wilson of yoga apparel firm Lululemon Athletica.
Additionally, while this year saw the return of home builders the Libfeld
family, who last made an appearance on the Rich 100 in 2005, it is also the
year to say goodbye to three members of last year's list whose net worth
didn't reach the minimum of $445 million: Chuck Fipke, Louise Blouin MacBain
and Lawrence Stroll.The Rich 100 Top Ten:

    1.  Thomson Family
        $25.35 billion, up 4%
        Location: Toronto
        '06 rank: 1

    2.  Edward (Ted) Rogers Jr., 74
        $7.6 billion, up 67%
        Location: Toronto
        '06 rank: 4

    3.  Galen Weston, 67
        $7.27 billion, up 2%
        Location: Toronto
        '06 rank: 2

    4.  Paul Desmarais Sr., 80
        $5.64 billion, up 28%
        Location: Montreal
        '06 rank: 5

    5.  James (J. K.), Arthur, John (Jack) Irving, 78, 76, 75
        $5.3 billion, down 3%
        Location: Saint John, N.B.
        '06 rank: 3

    6.  James (Jimmy) Pattison, 79
        $4.52 billion, up 4%
        Location: Vancouver
        '06 rank: 6

    7.  Jeff Skoll, 42
        $4.48 billion, up 14%
        Location: Palo Alto, Calif.
        '06 rank: 7

    8.  Michael Lazaridis, 46
        $4.36 billion, up 157%
        Location: Waterloo, Ont.
        '06 rank: 24

    9.  James Balsillie, 46
        $4.09 billion up 153%
        Location: Waterloo, Ont.
        '06 rank: 25

    10. Bernard (Barry) Sherman, 65
        $3.61 billion, up 12%
        Location: Toronto
        '06 rank: 8

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