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Canadian Business magazine’s annual RICH 100 list reveals the fortunes,
homes, causes and obsessions of the nation’s most affluent residents

PLUS: Canada’s richest neighbourhoods

TORONTO, Dec. 2 /CNW/ – What does it take to make it on to the RICH 100?
This year, those Canadians who have amassed between $23.36 billion (the
Thomson family, #1 on the list, 12 years running) and $540 million (Videotron’s André Chagnon, #100 on the list), made the cut. In between those two, there are more
than 50 billionaires, three RICH 100 newcomers and some surprising

The wealthy Thomson clan maintained its top spot with a growth rate of
6.2% over last year. That’s nothing compared with Lululemon’s Chip Wilson, who jumped from 78th to 49th place this year. The ranking’s highest climber, his worth rose to $1.25
, up 66.7% from last year’s RICH 100. 

Meanwhile, Research In Motion’s James Balsillie, with $1.81 billion, was down 32.4% over last year (30th place versus 16th in 2009), and Montreal’s David Azrieli slipped from #8 last year to #11 this year, with a 21.4% decline in net

Three newcomers

The RICH 100 list added three new wealthy Canadians this year: Pierre Karl and Érik Péladeau of Montreal’s Quebecor Inc. debuted at # 85; Edward Sampson of Calgary’s Niko Resources Ltd. ranked #96; and Jack Cockwell of Toronto’s Brookfield Asset Management squeaked onto the list at #99.


Name Net worth Location Rank in 2009
1. Thomson Family
(Thomson Reuters, Woodbridge Co. Ltd.)
$23.36 billion, up 6.2%
(from last year)
Toronto 1
2. Galen Weston,
(George Weston Ltd., Loblaw Cos. Ltd., Holt Renfrew)
$8.5 billion, up 31.3% Toronto 3
3. James (J.K.), Arthur, and estate of
John (Jack) Irving,
(Irving Oil Ltd., J.D. Irving Ltd.)
$7.46 billion, up 2.5% Saint John,

How the Other Half Lives—Canada’s Richest Neighbourhoods

Every city has an upscale area of town, a neighbourhood with the
fanciest cars, the biggest houses and the best properties. Canadian Business has identified the richest of the rich neighbourhoods—in Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver— using data from Environics Analytics. The research firm has ranked
neighbourhoods by the average net worth of the area’s residents,
revealing where the country’s wealthiest call home.


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