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Your investment strategy is not working. Here's what will.

New book published by MoneySense magazine outlines how Canadians can go beyond stock picking and mutual
funds and apply a low-cost investing technique that really works •

TORONTO, Nov. 1, 2011 /CNW/ – When investing for the future, many
Canadians try to beat the market by picking hot stocks or investing in
(often high-fee) mutual funds. Unfortunately, history—both ancient and
recent—shows that often, that just doesn’t work. It’s time for a new

The MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio by Dan Bortolotti is a complete handbook for the do-it-yourself investor. It starts with
an introduction to the Couch Potato strategy, a simple, low-cost
investing technique that MoneySense readers have used for more than a decade. Then it covers the basics of
financial planning and explains how to design a portfolio that suits
your personal investing goals. Finally, it offers practical,
step-by-step instructions on how to choose the best investments when
building your own “perfect” portfolio.    

Highlights of the MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio

  • The Couch Potato Quick-Start Guide: Ready to get going? Build your own
    “Potato” right now with this road map
  • 5 sample portfolios
  • How to: set your targets; assess your risk profile; select your funds;
    save money in fees; rebalance your portfolio; and stay the course  

PLUS: First-person stories from real investors, including:

  • “How I fired my adviser and thrived”
  • “How we planned our way to freedom”
  • “How I learned to retrain my brain (and learned to ‘let it be’ when it
    comes to my investments)”
  • “How the Couch Potato put me in control”

Easy-to-read, colourful and packed with usable advice, the MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio, is for all Canadians seeking a do-it-yourself approach to investing that
will leave them with peace of mind—and money in the bank.

The MoneySense Guide to the Perfect Portfolio ($9.95) by Dan Bortolotti is available now at Shoppers Drug Mart, Chapters, Walmart, Loblaws and
on magazine newsstands across Canada. To buy online, visit:

Author Dan Bortolotti is a senior editor and columnist at MoneySense. His blog, “Canadian Couch Potato,” was chosen as the country’s best
investing blog in 2011. His writing on personal finance has been
nominated for three National Magazine Awards since 2010.

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