Our Story

Alan Horn

A devoted company man and astute business leader, Alan worked at Rogers Communications for 32 years. He served in a variety of roles including Chief Financial Officer, twice as Interim Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, and as President and Chief Executive Officer of Rogers private companies.

Alan moved to Canada from Scotland in 1979 and worked as a tax consultant before finally joining Rogers in 1990. Ted saw great potential in Alan and had enormous respect for him. Ted was the risk taker, and Alan was the conservative second thought. Together they were a strong and formidable team and created the perfect balance for Rogers Communications to thrive.

Alan is fondly remembered for his sharp mind, clever wit, humour, and wise counsel.

He was a key steward of the company; during his time, he substantially strengthened the company’s balance sheet, turned the company’s debt from junk bond to investment grade status, brought the Rogers operating companies under one public stock, introduced a dividend program, and played an integral role on many transformative acquisitions.