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chatr launches new easy way to top up online

This month, chatr launched a new easy way for customers to top up their chatr account online. With the new Top up as a Guest feature, only available with chatr, customers who forget their password, or who are topping up on behalf of another chatr customer, can do so quickly and easily on with no sign in required. Friends and family can even easily top up on the customer’s behalf! All they need is the chatr phone number they want to top up and the 12-digit PIN on their voucher top-up card.  

Topping up with chatr is easy, with many simple, easy ways to top up an account, including:

  • The My chatr app, which lets customers easily top up and manage their account right from their phone.
  • Auto-pay, the easiest way to pay, means customers never have to worry about missing their anniversary date.
  • Adding a credit card to the My chatr account, and receive a top-up reminder text every month. All customers have to do to top us is reply “YES” to the message and they’re done!
  • Over the phone through chatr’s IVR, or by dialing *233*, and entering the 12-digit PIN on their top-up voucher card.

The launch of the Top Up as a Guest feature is the latest initiative from chatr to give customers more control of their services. In June, chatr refreshed its look and announced a new brand promise centred around giving customers more control of their wireless experience. Over the past several months, the company has introduced exclusive new products that help deliver an affordable, flexible and predictable wireless experience for customers that’s always on their terms, including two new credit cards, DAY PASS, and new capabilities to top up via SMS.

Now, customers have another convenient option to top up online. And, the feature allows friends and family to easily top up on the customer’s behalf.

Learn more about Top Up as a Guest by visiting