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chatr Launches New Credit Cards That Help Canadians Participate in Growing Digital Economy

With ecommerce and contactless payment becoming increasingly essential, it’s now more important than ever that Canadians can participate in the digital economy

chatrTM Secured Mastercard® guarantees approval* and is one of the only secured credit cards in Canada to offer rewards

Toronto, Ontario (June 25, 2020) — chatr today announced the launch of two new credit cards, the chatrTM Secured Mastercard® and chatrTM Mastercard® are designed to help Canadian residents build or rebuild their credit and ensure that all Canadians can participate in a COVID-19 and post-pandemic digital economy. The chatr Secured Mastercard guarantees approval to eligible customers* and is one of the only secured credit cards in Canada to offer customer rewards.

As COVID-19 pushes more Canadians to transact online, and contactless payment policies become the new normal, chatr’s new credit cards make sure that no one is left behind. Immigration accounts for over 300,000 new Canadians each year, and between 2019 and 2021, Canada is expected to welcome more than 1 million newcomers. With credit history being so important for starting out in a new country, the secured credit card from chatr can help new Canadian residents establish themselves and become part of the financial mainstream. Whether it’s new or young Canadians looking to build credit or individuals looking to rebuild their credit to meet financial goals, the chatr Secured Mastercard provides a unique solution.

“Now more than ever, Canadians are moving to digital to make their purchases”, said Shailendra Gujarati, Vice President, chatr. “In a world where contactless payments and ecommerce are growing, it’s vital that everyone living in Canada has access to the digital economy whether they have credit history or not. The new chatr credit cards ensure that all Canadian residents can have access to the products and services they need, while helping them build or rebuild their credit to meet their financial goals, without sacrificing rewards.”

The chatr Secured Mastercard provides a solution for Canadian residents who would not typically qualify for other credit cards in the market. Offering guaranteed approval to eligible customers*, the card is available for a $5 monthly fee and is one of the only secured credit cards in Canada to offer rewards, including one per cent cash back on purchases from chatr and 0.5 per cent cash back on all other eligible purchases. The chatr Secured Mastercard helps customers build credit and just requires security funds to get started. Once approved, customers can build their credit over time to be eligible to upgrade to the chatr Mastercard.

For customers with established credit, the chatr Mastercard is available with no annual fee and no security funds required, and offers three per cent cash back on chatr purchases, and one per cent cash back on all other eligible purchases. Cardholders will also receive a $25 welcome bonus in cash back rewards when they make a purchase with the card within the first 90 days.

Both new cards are from Rogers Bank and offer a variety of security features, including transaction monitoring to help detect and prevent fraud. Mastercard SecureCode® allows for stronger online transaction security and Mastercard Contactless ensures a fast and safe no-touch way to make purchases with cardholders being able to just tap and go. Additionally, Rogers Bank Alerts provide extra peace of mind with the option of text or email notifications if there is a change in account activity. Customers can customize alerts based on what matters most to them, whether that’s managing their budget or protecting their account from fraud.

This is the latest initiative from chatr, which has long been focused on offering affordable and flexible wireless services. Canadians can learn more and apply for either the secured or standard version of the credit card starting today by visiting If customers are unsure of which chatr Mastercard credit card is right for them, the Rogers Bank Credit Card Selector is a new tool that can recommend the best card for each person, visit to learn more.

* subject to identity verification and not being an undischarged bankrupt​

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