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How Andrew McIntyre is making a green impact at Rogers      

Small changes can lead to big progress, and today on Earth Day, we’re recognizing the part we play in building a greener Canada. This is something our team members, like Andrew McIntyre, know all too well.

As a Senior Service Technician in Ottawa, Andrew and his team handle a variety of materials day in and day out, from batteries to HDMI cords to coaxial cables. Up until the end of 2021, these used materials were being picked up and sent to landfills in his region, even while many of these items still had the potential to be utilized for future use.  

Andrew began thinking of ways he could recycle these materials while simultaneously prioritizing sustainability for the business. That’s when he connected with AIM – a Montreal-based facility specializing in recycling metals – to pull together a process for improving the disposal and recycling of these essential materials.

Together, Andrew and the folks at AIM devised a process to recycle all of their scrap metals and batteries collected in the Ottawa area, as well as the non-metal portions of the coaxial cables which then get broken down into a compound that can be sold to landfills to help break down large volumes of garbage. Even better, most of these scraps have a monetary value, which offset the costs of the pickup and disposal of coaxial cables.

All together, they’ve diverted 2729 lbs of metal from landfills and reduced waste removal costs in the Ottawa region by an estimated 50%, making this project eco-friendly and sustainable.

As one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, we know that it’s through innovative and eco-friendly projects like this one, big or small, that we’re able to put out best green foot forward and help build a cleaner Canada together.

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