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It’s your call: Discover wireless choice, value and affordability

July 28, 2020


Staying connected has never been more important, and that’s why we’re focused on keeping Canadians in touch with the people and things that matter most. With three great wireless brands to choose from, we’re committed to delivering choice, value and affordability to help Canadians find the right fit for their needs.

Reliable, flexible, affordable service

While the cost of wireless data across Rogers brands continues to come down – it has dropped 50% over the last five years – we’re doing a lot of other things to take the worry out of wireless services and deliver a better customer experience.

We’re continually making changes and enhancements to our services across Rogers, Fido and chatr. At the same time, we’re investing in our network to deliver the best wireless experience in Canada and offer new network technologies, like the launch of Canada’s first 5G network in January.

No overage fees

No overages, no surprises.

We launched chatr with no overage fees ten years ago, and last year we eliminated overage fees across all of our other brands with the launch of Rogers Infinite unlimited data plans and Fido Data Overage Protection.  The plans quickly gained popularity among our customers and we now lead the industry in Canada with the most wireless customers not paying overages.

Get-it-now financing options

Rogers was the first national carrier to announce device financing options to give our customers more flexibility with $0 down and 0% interest, no taxes upfront, and equal monthly payments.

This year, we expanded our financing option to include accessories such as phone cases, headphones, smart speakers and more for our Rogers customers. With simple and transparent billing, data plans are shown separately from the monthly device or accessory financing payment. At the end of the financing term when the product payment is complete, it simply drops off the bill. 

We also introduced 0% interest financing options on Fido and improved our Certified Pre-Owned devices program and clearance sales to give Fido customers access to lower-cost second-hand devices to ensure that cost isn’t a barrier to a great device.

chatr connects

chatr has always focused on delivering lower-cost, flexible services, with Talk & Text plans that start at $15 a month. Last year, we also launched new nation-wide plans and eliminated zone structures to let customers use their services across the country without ever worrying about extra charges when travelling between zones or cities.

Earlier this month, we launched a new flexible and affordable option called DAY PASS. A first of its kind in Canada, DAY PASS lets chatr customers get continued access to talk, text and data, for a small daily fee, when they really need it, until they’re ready to make their full monthly top-up.  

And last month, as COVID-19 pushed more Canadians to transact online and contactless payment policies became the new normal, chatr launched two new credit cards, the chatrTM Secured Mastercard® and chatrTM Mastercard®, designed to help Canadian residents build or rebuild their credit and ensure that we can all participate in a post-pandemic digital economy, regardless of credit history.

These wireless initiatives are just a few of the enhancements we’ve made as part of a comprehensive multi-year program to invest and improve our customer experience across our Rogers brands.