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Fraud Prevention Month – Tips for keeping your identity protected and your passwords safe  

According to the Canadian Anti Fraud Centre, more than 7,900 Canadians have reported fraud-related incidents since February 2022.

March is Fraud Prevention Month, an annual public awareness campaign that works to prevent Canadians from becoming victims of fraud by helping them recognize it, reject it and report it.

Here are some expert tips to help you protect yourself against fraud by protecting your identity and keeping your passwords safe.

1. What you can do to protect your identity

Identity theft takes place when someone collects or acquires another person’s personal information for criminal purposes and may have long-lasting impacts.  Here are some ways you can help keep your identity safe:

  • Only give out personal information when you know and can trust the person you are communicating with
  • Beware of requests that are out of the ordinary. If a request seems urgent, take a moment before you respond or take action
  • Avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments in emails and text messages. Downloading suspicious content can harm your computer and compromise your identity
  • Beware of Phishing, Scam Calls/ Caller ID Spoofing – Rogers will never contact you by email, text or phone to ask for personal information including pin and account numbers.
  • Trust your instincts! They could save you from becoming a victim of fraud

2. What you can do to keep your passwords safe

Good password hygiene helps ensure that your online identity and accounts are well protected against unauthorized access and fraud. Follow these guidelines when choosing or updating your passwords:

  • Remember to choose uncommon passwords, change them regularly, and don’t share them with others
  • Strong passwords are good passwords. A minimum of 10 characters is recommended, but more is always better
  • Do not use any part of your name, username, initials, or sequential numbers 1,2,3.
  • Do not use common phrases like “password” or “11111”
  • Remember to always use unique passwords for your accounts and include special characters such as $, # or &, preferably in the middle of your password
  • Enable multi-factor authentication when possible

3. What to do if you’ve received suspected spam to your Rogers account

Take these actions immediately if you are suspicious of any possible fraudulent activity:

  • Forward the email to and include a brief description of the issue
    • Copy and paste the full email headers above the body of the forwarded email
  • If you provided your PIN/password in response to the suspicious email, or if you don’t have a PIN/password already set up on your Rogers account, contact us at Customer Service or 1 (888) 764-3771 to change or create your PIN/password
  • For suspicious text (SMS) messages, forward them to: 7726 (SPAM).

Remember, we’re here to help! We’re committed to protecting our customers from fraud. Every day beyond Fraud Prevention Month is an opportunity to learn how you can keep your information safe. Check out the following sites for more information: