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Rogers signs CEO Pledge to bridge the digital divide, donating refurbished computers and devices to “Computers for Schools Plus” initiative

At Rogers, we are committed to keeping Canadians connected and bridging the digital divide for the most vulnerable.  From donating phones to shelters and transition houses for women escaping violence, to growing our low-cost Internet program Connected for Success, to providing tablets for youth to participate in online learning and stay close to mentors, virtually – we are here to keep Canadians connected to the things that matter most. 

As part of our ongoing commitment, Rogers has signed a CEO Pledge with Computers for Success Canada to donate end-of-life devices and computers to underserved communities. When we upgrade our technology, our donated devices and computers will be refurbished as part of the “Computers for Schools Plus” initiative and distributed through Federal and Provincial programs to bridge the digital divide for Canadians in need.

We asked Shannon Bell, SVP of Information Technology, to tell us more about how Rogers will support this important initiative.

How will Rogers participate in the CEO Pledge to donate computers/devices to underserved communities?

This is a great initiative that furthers our commitment to bridging the digital divide. Our participation here at Rogers will be focused in three areas:

  1. Donating devices to the “Computers for Schools Plus” program which is a federal government program that provides digital devices to schools, not-for-profit organizations and underserved communities.
  2. Encouraging our employees to support the program by recycling their devices securely to help the community and the environment.
  3. Encouraging other employers across Canada to be part of this initiative.

This program delivers the devices through not-for-profit organizations in each province and territory.

What is the benefit of joining the CEO Pledge, instead of donating on our own?

Rogers has been active in our direct community work and will continue to do so.  We’re taking this CEO Pledge in addition to our ongoing work, and we are excited to join forces with Microsoft and other leading companies on this initiative. We believe the benefits of a collective group supporting this initiative will enable more scalability in the program. This is a critical time to support bridging the digital divide, as some not-for-profit organizations involved in the program have seen a 150% increase in requests for laptops since the COVID-19 pandemic started.  One of the major benefits of working with “Computers for Schools Plus” is the network of regional not-for-profit organizations they work with, who have visibility into the needs of local schools and underserved communities that we wouldn’t necessarily have access to. And of course, there is an environmental benefit to this program, as recycling and refurbishment of computers and devices will keep them out of landfills.

This is a terrific initiative for Canadian corporations.  Is there a way for customers participate in the program by donating devices/computers that they no longer need?

This program is not just limited to Rogers, and we would encourage anyone interested in donating equipment or taking part to check out the “Computers for Schools Plus” website. You can also find links there to the not-for-profit organizations in Canadian provinces and territories