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Celebrating International Earth Day

April 22, 2019

Rogers is excited to celebrate International Earth Day again this year! More than ever, we know that it’s so important to give back to our communities and environment. It’s called out in our values, and we’re proud to continue our efforts to make the ways we work and live greener every day. Here are a few ways our team is working together to help keep our communities and the world green!
  • Installed Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations in Brampton with more locations to come!
  • Reduced paper usage by 80% and repurposed, recycled, and resold 96% of the used office furniture and equipment as we continue to update our workspaces across Canada
  • Recycled 1300 metric tonnes of electronics and over two metric tonnes of batteries through our Electronic Waste recycling program
  • Partnered with our Corporate Real Estate and Green Teams to celebrate Earth Hour, Earth Day, and Waste Reduction Week.
  • Volunteered through our Give Together Volunteer Days and promoted cleaning up our environment with:
    • Forest Recovery Canada, where over 250 team members planted more than 1,500 trees in Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, Manitoba, and Alberta!
    • WWF, where 538 of our team completed six shoreline cleanups across Canada, covering 18 kms of Canadian shoreline! They removed 537kg of litter, including over 18,000 cigarette butts and 13,000 pieces of plastic!
Learn more about our commitment to environmental responsibility here.