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Majority of Rogers' Remaining TDMA and Analogue Subscribers Already Moved to GSM

May 3, 2007

News Releases

    Remaining TDMA/Analogue subscribers urged to make the free switch and
    enjoy Canada's most advanced and reliable network

    TORONTO, May 3 /CNW/ - Rogers Wireless announced today that nearly
200,000 former TDMA/analogue customers have already made the switch to GSM in
advance of the May 31, 2007 turndown.
    On January 10, 2007, Rogers announced that it would be turning down its
older TDMA and analogue networks effective May 31, 2007 and move the remaining
customers on these older networks onto its advanced GSM network. TDMA and
analogue customers were advised that they would keep their existing phone
numbers and service plans after the transition and have been provided a free
GSM phone.
    "The program has been tremendously successful," said John Boynton, Senior
Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Rogers Wireless. "The majority of
our customers have chosen to transition to our more advanced GSM service, and
are now enjoying the benefits of being on Canada's most reliable network with
the fewest dropped calls," he added.
    Rogers is urging those few remaining TDMA and analogue subscribers
through a variety of means - including by mail, text message and call
redirect - to make the easy switch before the end of May 2007 to begin
enjoying Canada's most advanced and reliable network and avoid any

    About Rogers Wireless

    Rogers Wireless Inc. is Canada's largest wireless voice and data
communications services provider with offices in Canadian cities across the
country, more than 6.9 million customers, and two powerful brands: Rogers
Wireless and Fido. Rogers Wireless, which operates Canada's largest and most
reliable integrated wireless voice and data network, providing advanced voice
and wireless data solutions to customers from coast to coast, is Canada's only
carrier operating on the GSM/GPRS technology platform, the world standard for
wireless communications technology and the only technology that enables
roaming around the world in over 180 countries. The company is a subsidiary of
Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX: RCI; NYSE: RG), a diversified Canadian
communications and media company. For further information, please visit