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Connected for Success

Rogers Connected for Success offers high-speed, low-cost internet across our service area to eligible households. This is one more way Rogers is committed to helping connect Canadians.

Bridging the digital divide

About Connected for Success

Connected for Success was first launched in 2013 with Toronto Community Housing before expanding to a number of eligible groups. The program’s mission has been to help bridge the digital divide by offering affordable internet to individuals and families who might not otherwise be able to access it.

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Our impact stories

At Rogers, we are committed to helping bridge the digital divide through our community investment programs and affordable products and services, including Connected for Success.

Here are some stories about how Connected for Success has impacted our community.

  • A new start made possible through Saint John, New Brunswick’s Human Development Council and Rogers Connected for Success

    What does community impact look like? According to Cathy Foote at Human Development Council, it looks like flowers on the kitchen table and pictures on the fridge. It looks like home.

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  • Independence made possible for at-risk Newfoundlanders through The Homestead Program and Rogers Connected for Success

    Participants, not clients. This is how The Homestead Program, a non-profit organization in St. John’s, Newfoundland refers to the vulnerable and at-risk adults they support.

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  • Family chats and cost-savings made possible through Rogers Connected for Success

    Like so many Canadians who live alone and with a disability, Mary Winchester’s only connection to others and the outside world during the COVID-19 pandemic was virtually.

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