Our broadband network

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We’re continually investing to enhance performance of our broadband network for residents and businesses in communities across Canada.

Our fibre-powered broadband network delivers Canada’s fastest internet speeds, with download and upload speeds up to 8 Gigabits per second¹ now coming to more neighbourhoods to future-proof the connected home. We’re investing heavily on network upgrades to bring Canadians and their families the home Internet services that power home entertainment, smart-devices and essential connectivity, as well as Internet connectivity that power businesses and the Canadian economy.

Our broadband network has been recognized and awarded for excellence. Most recently, we took the top spot in the first Canadian fixed broadband report by umlaut, a global leader in network benchmarking. Rogers won Best In Test, fastest upload and download speeds, and scored more than 60% higher than its nearest competitor in average download speeds amongst national Internet Service Providers (ISPs).²

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¹ Assuming optimal network, equipment and customer device conditions. For Ignite Internet Gigabit or above, multiple Ethernet/wired and wireless connections are required to reach total maximum download speeds and/or symmetrical upload speeds where available. For Ignite Internet 2.5 Gigabit and Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit, the maximum download or upload speed through the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem is 2.35 Gbps + 0.15 Gbps transmission overhead. For Ignite Internet 8 Gigabit, at least one direct wired connection to the Ethernet Switch or Optical Network Terminal provided is required to reach total maximum speeds and Ignite WiFi Hub features including Advanced Security are available only to devices connected to the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. See Acceptable Use Policy at
² Rogers achieved Best in Test in the umlaut Fixed Broadband Benchmarking Survey 2021.

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