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The 60 Project – our birthday gift to Canadians

July 8, 2020


For the past six decades, Rogers has been HERE for Canada, proudly connecting Canadians to a world of possibilities and the memorable moments that matter most.  

Now, we’re proud to launch THE 60 PROJECT, a year-long celebration of everything we will do through to Canada Day 2021 to be here for Canada – from donations of time, money, fundraising support, workforce investments, and keeping Canadians connected with our networks.  As we mark our 60th birthday, we know the best gift is the one you give, not receive.  And that is especially true this year. 

THE 60 PROJECT is birthday gift from our more than 25,000 team members across the country, back to Canada. It honours our 60th Anniversary, in an unprecedented year where “normal” was turned upside down, inside out, and changed forever for all Canadians. That’s why we’re focused on investing in our communities, our country, and its people.  We will stand together with those who need us most, to ensure that all Canadians – especially the most vulnerable amongst us – have an opportunity to move forward to a new normal that was better than the one that came before.

This year is about keeping Canadians connected when they need it most, with our world-class network.. It’s about strengthening our commitments to community organizations like Food Banks Canada, Women’s Shelters Canada, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. It’s about creating more jobs in this country and investing in a 100% Canadian-based Customer Service Team. It’s about putting technology and connectivity in the hands of the next generation, and education and opportunities that come with it. It’s about making hope possible, right HERE, in the Canadian communities from coast-to-coast-to coast where we work, live, and raise our families.

And you will see us take action, as our Rogers family – all 25,000 strong – come together to give back an unprecedented 60,000 volunteer hours this year.  Together, we will help Canada not just get back to normal, but to discover a new and better one.